Mountaintop Mining Irreversible!

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“Mining permits are being issued despite the preponderance of scientific evidence that impacts are pervasive and irreversible and that mitigation cannot compensate for losses.”

“Adult hospitalizations for chronic pulmonary disorders and hypertension are elevated as a function of county-level coal production, as are rates of mortality; lung cancer; and chronic heart, lung, and kidney disease.”

Above are quotes from a recent study done by Science, which is considered one of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals.

It’s hard to believe that when faced with these sort of statements that anyone in their right mind would continue to destroy and decimate the land.  It’s like they don’t care about the future at all.  All they care about is the here and now with no regard of the consequences.

The whole country needs to realize that coal is not sustainable.  This planet will eventually exaust its coal resources and at that time what will we do.  It is imperative that we start now to break the hold that coal and all fossil fuels have over this country.  We are condeming the people of the future with a crisis that can be easily diverted here and now.  We have the means and the technology to begin using other forms of power.  Wind, Solar, Hydopower, Geothermal, Biofuel are just some of the alternate energy sources we can begin using right now.

I just can’t understand how with all the evidence we currently have that this situation isn’t being taken more seriously.  We are running out of time and we are the only ones that can do anything about it.  Do not be afraid to do something to save this country from what is most certain environmental ruin.  Contact your local congressman and senator and tell them to vote for clean renewable energies.  We can still save the future for our children.

Click here to read the study by Science.

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